Carbon removal at gigaton scale with socio-economic benefits

Enhanced rock weathering is a rising star among the new generation of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies. In our most recent publication “Enhanced rock weathering – carbon removal at gigaton scale with socio-economic benefits”, we aggregate findings from most recent studies and discuss the maturity, potential, risks, and future of this promising technology with experts in the field. Our key findings show that enhanced rock weathering:

  • Enables carbon removal at a gigaton scale
  • Permanently locks away carbon for over 10,000 years with low reversal risk
  • Has huge scalability potential, as supporting industries, suitable rock types, and environmental conditions for rock weathering exist across the globe
  • Provides climate and social benefits beyond carbon removal by increasing soil fertility and impacting crop yield

Although additional research is yet to be done on improving monitoring procedures, maturing and scaling enhanced rock weathering requires action from progressive buyers that are willing to take risks and opt for investments in high-potential CDR technologies now.