One’s scope three is another’s scope one -compensation along the supply chain

Any company seeking to implement a robust and effectual climate change mitigation strategy must have a thorough understanding of their greenhouse gas emissions. To date, efforts have largely focused on addressing Scope 1+2 emissions. There is now increasing focus on Scope 3 emissions.

While it may be possible to rapidly reduce some Scope 3 emissions, it is likely that the majority of these emissions will prove difficult to tackle immediately and will require medium- to long-term concerted efforts.

Our whitepaper make three recommendation that companies should adopt in selecting carbon credits to tackle Scope 3 emissions through the voluntary carbon market by:

  • Setting watertight internal standards and frameworks for carbon credit portfolios;
  • Screening, monitoring and reporting on carbon credit portfolios;
  • Setting clear expectations and sharing impact along the supply chain.
CEEZER Whitepaper 3 sample